The MOFM App is 100% FREE on Apple, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. Learn more about Apostle Theodore Dones, keep up to date with his live broadcasts, social media, and travel schedules, and gain easy access to your partnership giving. Also, through the MOFM App, you will be able to DIVE DEEP INTO THE WELLS, containing over 25 years of powerful teachings & revelations of God’s Word from Apostle Dones for only $10/month. Download the App now to learn more.


No more waiting for the weekend to view powerful teachings from Apostle Dones. With Deep Wells on the MOFM App, you will have unlimited access to over 25 years of powerful teachings. Catch up on weeks you might have missed and DIVE DEEP  into the archives and discover series on Covenant, Healing, How to Walk Out Your Life in God’s Ways……and so much MORE!! No matter how long or short a time you may have been watching or hearing Apostle Theodore Dones, there is bound to be some uncharted waters awaiting you in your MOFM APP!!


The best part of DEEP WELLS is that you can always have it with you! Because DEEP WELLS is located within the MOFM FREE APP, your smartphone becomes a church in your pocket. Take it with you wherever you go and share it with friends and family without the constraints of needing to be sitting stationary in front of a screen. However, should you want to gather around your pc or television to watch Apostle Dones, you can do so through the use of the MOFM FREE APP and a Google Chromecast.

Tap into Deep Wells

25+ years of unlimited teachings for $10.00 a month!

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