Pastor Janet Dones

Pastor Janet Dones is more than a Pastor, her prophetic – intercession abilities are always very insightful & inspired by Father God to help His people to the utmost. She’s a wonderful God fearing wife who is full of mercy, compassion, and grace.  Without fail, Pastor Janet humbly approaches God’s throne with prayers and petitions for others every day, especially for those who have no one else to pray for them.  While serving her husband and spiritual family, she has been an outstanding example of a Godly woman for the ladies at Messengers of Fire Ministries.

With religion in her past, Pastor Janet has excelled in the passion of wanting other religion bound saints to be FREE!   While mostly quiet and gentle, the boldness of the Lord’s presences is evident when she is operating in the prophetic realm.  Knowing the seriousness and cost of the office, she is never casual about her call.  God has used her to speak into the lives of others bringing deliverance and breakthrough. Pastor Janet fully embraces the liberty of God’s Spirit and has recently ushered MOFM into a new realm of worship & prayer. In addition, each week she initiates prayer  & intercession before Sunday services.  This has been an opportunity for her to demonstrate the effectiveness of prayer to the younger women as well as the mature of the faith.

Her personal testimony has been a wellspring of victories in her life and through them, she is able to minister to others with great understanding.  Daily she spends hours in counsel, giving words of encouragement and love to anyone the Lord sends her way.  Pastor Janet’s patience seems equal to God’s, for it is not uncommon for her to minister repeatedly on the same issue, yet sound as though it were the first time.  She uses the same abundant mercy God has given her, to pour back into the lives of others.

Over the past 41 years of marriage, Pastor Janet has served alongside her husband making it possible for the ministry to transcend all obstacles.  With steadfastness and endurance, she continually proves her desire and passion for serving the Lord Jesus Christ at all costs!

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