Living a Godly Life


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When anyone receives Revelation in the word of God, it sometimes conflicts with what we may have previously been taught. This will cause us to have to deal with old traditions and wrong teachings. These teachings may contain some New Light from God’s Word, and it may be opposed to some teachings we had previously learned. Therefore, follow through these Scriptures in your Bible in sequence so that You may be able to “Make A Choice Between The Word Of God Rather Than The Traditions Of Men.” MOFM Disclaimer.

These are important questions because as believers, we are called to live Sanctified Lives that are Fully Surrendered to Christ. Although we know that this is God’s Will for us and that He’s working toward this purpose in our lives, we have a Responsibility in the Process as well. What we habitually do has a Tremendous Influence on whether we will have a Godly life.

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