TaSha Ruckman

TaSha Ruckman has been associated with Messengers of Fire Ministries since it was birthed and established in 1995. In 2018 she officially joined as a full-time staff member. In 2019 she was assigned under the President, Dr. Theodore Dones, of the 501(c)3 as an official board member. During this period she served in many different areas, as a guest speaker/teacher, co-womens event coordinator (Ladies of Excellence), usher, communion assistant, church-cleaner, proclaim/video board operator, and ministry assistant directly to Pastors. All the while operating as a laymen counselor as directed by Dr. Theodore and Janet Dones. In 2020 TaSha received a full scale ordination under Messengers of Fire Ministries, followed by launching her own coaching ministry called Logos. Laymen Christian Counseling is offered through MOFM for an hourly donation.

Messengers of Fire Ministries has teamed up with Logos Coaching Organization. Offering bible based coaching to women of all of ages.

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