About Us

Who is MOFM?

 Welcome to the empowering world of Messengers of Fire Ministries! Our ministry transcends denominational boundaries and geographical borders as we passionately pursue the divine calling bestowed upon us by the Lord Himself: to ignite a fervent flame within the Church, urging them to prepare for the imminent revival that is on the horizon.

Through the unwavering dedication of our dynamic ministry team, Messengers of Fire International Ministries reaches tens of thousands of individuals each year. We accomplish this through impactful training sessions, transformative conferences, mighty crusades, and awe-inspiring revivals that span the globe. Brace yourself for a supernatural move of God, as Apostolic Revivalist Dr. Theodore Dones steps into your church and community, bringing the fire of revival directly to your doorstep!

Our ministry functions encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from comprehensive teaching and equipping sessions designed to empower the Body of Christ for every good work, to the vibrant demonstration of God’s power that accompanies the proclamation of the Gospel during community events and gatherings. To gain a profound understanding of what we mean by revival and how it operates, we encourage you to dive into the wealth of enlightening articles and enlightening patterns for revival available on our platform.

If you are interested in hosting a training seminar or ministry school, we have meticulously crafted manuals and an array of school resources readily available for purchase in our web store. These resources are designed to equip and empower individuals like you to rise up as catalysts of revival, carrying the flame of God’s love and power wherever you go.

Embrace this opportunity to be part of a movement that is fervently advancing the Kingdom of God. Explore our website, immerse yourself in our transformative teachings, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary encounter with the fire of His presence.

Join us as we journey together, fanning the flames of revival and transforming communities, one life at a time.


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