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 At Messengers of Fire Ministries, we are committed to ministering to you with unwavering dedication and passion. We believe that the covenant of partnership is not merely a formality but a vital connection that binds us together in the pursuit of spiritual maturity. Our ultimate goal is to equip you to become a formidable force against the darkness, ensuring your success in every endeavor.

 Under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Theodore Dones and Janet Dones, the opportunity to enter into a covenant partnership is extended to those whom God calls to join forces with this ministry. As partners with MOFM, you are invited to stand with us in prayer and financial support, aligning your heart with God’s work through this ministry. In doing so, you partake of the anointing, eternal rewards, and abundant blessings that flow from such a divine connection. Know that our prayers are ceaselessly offered for all our partners every single day.

 But the partnership is not a one-sided relationship. Just as the Apostle Paul cherished his partners in ministry, we value your role as an essential part of what we do. Together, we engage in spiritual warfare through fervent prayer. We extend support and minister to one another’s needs, ensuring the growth and edification of the body of Christ. This is the essence of partnership in action.

 God’s provision for Messengers of Fire Ministries flows through the faithfulness of our partners. Through your prayers, encouraging words, and generous contributions, you become a vessel through which God’s work is accomplished. Your partnership directly impacts lives and fuels the ongoing mission of this ministry.

 If you sense God’s leading to become a partner or if you are already a valued partner with MOFM, we encourage you to seek a deeper revelation of His will for your life. Prepare yourself for the excitement and blessings that accompany the release of the power of partnership. As you align your heart with the vision and mission of Messengers of Fire Ministries, you will witness the extraordinary works of God unfolding in your life.

 As a covenant partner, you will not only receive our monthly MOFM partner newsletter, keeping you informed about the ministry’s endeavors, but you will also receive a monthly love gift from us. These gifts, often in the form of empowering audio teachings, serve to enrich your spiritual journey.

 Join us, dear friend, as we unleash the power of partnership. Let us stand together, united in purpose, and impact the world with the love and truth of Christ. Together, we will witness lives transformed, strongholds shattered, and the kingdom of God advancing in remarkable ways.

 Embrace the call to become a Covenant Partner with Messengers of Fire Ministries and experience the profound blessings and fulfillment that come when we walk in partnership with God and one another.

 In unwavering commitment,

 Apostle Theodore & Janet Dones

Messengers of Fire Ministries




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