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 The covenant of partnership holds immeasurable significance to all of us here at Messengers Of Fire Ministries. Every aspect of our ministry is dedicated to ministering to you, fostering spiritual growth, and equipping you to become a potent force against the forces of darkness. Your success is our utmost PRIORITY!

 Apostle Dr. Theodore Dones and Janet Dones extend the invitation of covenant partnership to those whom God calls to align with this ministry. By becoming partners with MOFM, you engage in a spiritual synergy of prayer and financial giving, supporting God’s work through MOFM. In doing so, you partake of the anointing, eternal rewards, and abundant blessings that flow through this ministry. Rest assured; we uplift our partners in prayer each and every day. Moreover, you will receive our quarterly MOFM Partner Newsletter, keeping you informed about the impactful work happening within our ministry. Additionally, expect to receive a monthly love gift, usually a free MOFM Audio Teaching Tape, to enrich your spiritual journey.

 However, the partnership is not a one-sided relationship. In the words of the Apostle Paul, as recorded in Philippians 1:3, 5, and 7, “I have you in my heart, I’m praying for you, and I’m not going to let you fail!” Just as Paul’s partners became integral to his ministry, we recognize the power of collective effort. Together, we engage in fervent prayer, minister to one another’s needs, and generously support the growth of spiritual leaders sent forth by this ministry. Such is the essence of true partnership.

 God’s provision for Messengers Of Fire Ministries is facilitated through the commitment of our partners. Through your prayers, encouraging words, and generous contributions, you become a conduit through which God’s work is accomplished. Your partnership directly impacts lives, allowing us to reach farther, touch more souls, and Advance The Kingdom Of God.

 If you sense God’s leading to become a Partner or if you are already a cherished partner with MOFM, we encourage you to seek a deeper revelation of His will for your life. Prepare yourself for the excitement and blessings that accompany the release of the power of partnership. As you align your heart with the vision and mission of Messengers Of Fire Ministries, you will witness extraordinary transformations in your own life and the lives of others.

 Embrace the call to join the Covenant of Partnership and experience the joy of empowering transformation through your giving. God has incredible blessings in store for those who walk in the power of partnership.




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