Prayer Request

MOFM Prayer Request


Beloved Child of God,

 You are of immense value, both in the eyes of our Heavenly Father and within the heart of Messengers of Fire Ministries. When it comes to the sacred practice of prayer, we wholeheartedly believe that God yearns to meet your every need and unveil His promises in your life. Therefore, we stand as a beacon of support and a comforting presence, ready to intercede on your behalf.

 Whatever concerns weigh on your heart and whatever prayers burden your soul, we want you to know that we are here for you. No matter how big or small, every request holds significance to us because it holds significance to God. We invite you to share your needs with us and rest assured that we will fervently pray alongside you.

 In the complexities of life, it is comforting to know that our God is attentive to our deepest desires and concerns. He eagerly awaits your prayers, ready to respond with love, compassion, and divine intervention. Your needs matter deeply to Him, and they matter deeply to us as well.

 You may be grappling with health issues, seeking restoration in relationships, longing for financial stability, or desiring spiritual growth. Whatever it may be, know that we are here to stand with you in faith. Together, we will approach the throne of grace, seeking God’s guidance, provision, and healing touch.

 Our belief in the power of prayer is unwavering. We trust in the promises of God and the transformative nature of united prayer. As you entrust your needs to us, we promise to hold them in utmost confidentiality. Our ministry provides a safe space for you to express your concerns freely, knowing that compassionate hearts will lift them up in earnest prayer.

 You are not alone on this journey. Messengers of Fire Ministries is committed to walking alongside you, supporting you through the power of intercession. We firmly believe that as we join our hearts and voices, God’s love and power will be unleashed, bringing forth breakthroughs, healing, and abundant blessings in your life.

 Remember, dear one, that you hold immeasurable worth in the eyes of God. Your prayers matter, and your needs matter. Take a step of faith and share them with us. Together, we will witness the unfolding of God’s grace and the manifestation of His promises in your life.

 With love and unwavering faith,

 Apostle Theodore & Prophetess Janet Dones


Prayer Request
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