Dr. Theodore Dones

Apostle/ Overseer

Dr. Theodore Dones is an Apostolic Revivalist whose greatest desire is this one thing: To be an instrument for God to open the eyes of His people and turn them from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God so they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ. His laborings of love for the Gospel have been very effective & vigilant, using every resource and opportunity that God sends his way to accomplish the call.

Dr. Theodore Dones is an alumni of Harvard High School, Washington DC. He holds a Doctorate of Theology, Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Ministry degree from International Circle of Faith College, Seminaries and Universities, joining alumni such as Paula White, Bishop Noel Jones, Attorney Julian McPhillips, Bishop Paul Morton, and others.

The laying down of his own life to help other leaders grow in foundational truths that must be established before works of faith are built upon it. He has been an intricate help to thousands in tearing down the unproductive ways which seem right to a man and replacing them with the ways of the Lord.

Ultimately, Dr. Theodore Dones is beginning to see the vision fulfilled that the Lord gave him many years ago. The need for increased training in the body of Christ and a much larger facility center for the teaching & training with an emphasis on the nine Gifts of the Spirit. The center will act as a resource hub for the five-fold ministry and believers will be dispersed back out into the world, fully equipped, disciplined to make other disciples.

The fruit of this International -Global Ministry has been in the works for 20 plus years. Five Fold Connection (Fivefoldconnection.com), a leadership networking site equivalent to Facebook has already been years in the working and is connecting God’s people with rapid results. This site provides a God-rated environment for families to enjoy Godly conversation, posts, and teachings. Christian gaming and other enhancements will be added as well.

The Messengers of Fire Bible College opened in 2011 which affords everyone an opportunity to learn God’s Word online. Dr. Theodore Dones has reached nations for God on television and radio as well as his trip to South Africa in person that even to this day is still having Godly effects! His books Secrets of the Heart, Seeds Of Defilement, Changed By His Glory, The Cover Up and Transformed By Grace have been just added successes in Kingdom Building. Many copies have been sold and are still thriving in production today!!

Leadership conferences, weekly local church services, and International Ministry are just another part of Dr. Theodore Dones’ everyday life. He relies fully on God’s grace, presence and anointing being fully aware of his personal inability to do anything good without Christ. He watches in amazement as God has throughout the many years continually sends people into his life to support all aspects of the vision. He greatly with all God-given confidence awaits the day when God’s plan is complete and fulfilled and all the glory will be given to Father God!

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